Which of your current endeavors are you most passionate about?  

I am most passionate about using videoconferencing and collaborative technologies to amplify and positively exploit our nation's, and, increasingly, our world's greatest resources: those that reside outside the walls of our classrooms as well as those who work and learn within them.

What is the biggest challenge you face?

Setting aside the usual tribulations associated with finances and tight budgets, my greatest perspiration-and yet my greatest inspiration-is associated with guiding the ship that is CILC through the vast ocean of opportunities toward useful shorelines. 

Who inspires you these days?  Oh wow...

I am inspired by the smiles and tears of students who get to experience people, places and events they would never get to if they did not have access to videoconferencing.  I am stimulated by the creativeness of my colleagues who continually innovate and create new worlds where none existed before.  I am moved by the passion of CILC staff members that have in their DNA a belief that to lead means to serve.

Imagine a world where you are unconstrained by bandwidth.  How would it change what you do and the people you serve?  

The workspace in my head, unconstrained by bandwidth, has four dominate characteristics: social, mobile, video-enabled, and virtual.  How will is change what we do?  I'm working on this one.  I can't yet define that plan... but check back sometime to see if my head is getting any closer to knowing.

You are in an elevator.  How would you describe what you do?

I am the executive director of a non-profit that is analogous to Amazon.com in that we aggregate content from museums, cultural, science, history and other centers who market programs available to schools through videoconferencing technologies. 

Or, like Match.com in that we are a place people can go to find others who have similar interests and, through this match, they can expand their community-again through videoconferencing or other collaborative technologies. 

The other half of CILC is the team of experts available to those who are just entering the world of videoconferencing or those who wish to expand their current  experiences with videoconferencing and collaborative technologies.

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