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“K­‐20 Librarians” can become the connective tissue of a new national education continuum where all institutions of learning can function more as an integrated whole to serve the needs of each learner at any level of accomplishment across any distance by providing tailored resources and expanded educational opportunities.With over 66,000 of our nation’s K-12 schools, public libraries, colleges and universities, museums, and other cultural, artistic, historic, and scientific organizations connected to an international fabric of advanced research and education networks, the infrastructure is now in place, and improving each year, to support unprecedented trans-institutional cooperation and program sharing between libraries and experimentation with advanced applications and services.The national “K-­20 Librarian” Project is an advocacy collaboration between Internet2’s National K20 Initiative and the Digital Village http://www.digitalvillage.com initiated “Fiber to the Library” Campaign http://www.telestructure.com.
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