1) Which of your current endeavors are you most passionate about?

I continue to be very passionate about helping schools make international connections using live interactive advanced networking technologies. The work of international global videoconferencing is an exciting arena that opens up the minds and eyes of students of all ages around the world and I'm very lucky to be involved in these activities on a daily basis. Social media also excites me these days and the opportunities that robust social media can do to increase engagement with experts, resources, and audiences worldwide.

2) Who inspires you these days?

The student teams and teachers who participated in MAGPI's Alex's Virtual Lemonade Stand project are so incredible and inspiring to me. In just two weeks they raised over $13,000 to help fund critical research to help end pediatric cancers worldwide! I am also incredibly inspired by the childhood cancer heroes and their families who are so brave and strong to fight their disease and help raise awareness about the good work of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation in any way possible so that a cure might one day be found.

3) Imagine a world unconstrained by bandwidth. How would it change what you do and the people you serve?

In a world unconstrained by bandwidth ALL students - not just those in wealthier schools or districts - would benefit from the opportunities and possibilities provided by advanced networking. Students in urban and suburban areas would be interacting live with researchers at CERN as part of their physics class, they'd be having social studies lessons that included class to class discussions and lessons with students in India and Africa and other parts of the world they may never get to see, they'd be remotely operating underwater vehicles to enhance their studies in marine biology and their teachers would be getting professional development live from art historians at the Louvre and the Uffizi. All of this happening on a regular basis seamlessly integrated into the daily curriculum. This is the goal. It would change so much of how students and faculty learn and work in that no longer is it considered an ""add-on"" to use these tools in the day to day learning process. The rich and vast array of resources and experiences available to learners would be within reach and easy and effortless to implement making the learning environment finally start to be as interactive and engaging as it should be.  

4) How would you describe what you do?

As with so many of us today, I do a little bit of everything at MAGPI but primarily I help to build and sustain meaningful collaborations among our member institutions, promote awareness of the value and benefits of advanced networks and applications, and manage MAGPI's public relations and communications including print, online, and social media.