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We offer our three years positive experience in the use videoconferencing in vocational teaching in the Croatian medical schools (lectures, transfer of operations from the hospital)

“E-medica” is National project of linking all 26 medical schools in Republic Croatia. Today, Croatian schools well equipped with ICT, but using these or the technology has not yet gone through many barriers and approached the actual, practical application. In addition to the disturbed and some pedagogical principles and methodology of teaching, using new technology. Connecting to a successful international project "Knowledge without borders", a joint project of linking our vocational Medical School in Zadar (Croatia) and Medical School of Ljubljana (Slovenia) through the use of IC technology. We wanted to implement his positive experience in the Croatian medical schools, and professional links of Croatian medical schools into one unique virtual community. Our goal is to enable, encourage and educate in the introduction and use of modern IC technology into everyday educational process of Croatian medical schools, as well as improving the quality of vocational education to students and teachers themselves. Particular emphasis was placed on the pedagogical principles, fostering communication and exchange of acquired knowledge.

Project "E-medica" is a virtual community for all of Croatian medical schools, which is based on the development of educational portals medical school, students and teachers communicate via the Internet, video conferences and the general use of ICT in schools. Basically, the E-medica is a project of creating virtual communities of Croatian medical schools through a new didactic approach to teaching and learning in schools through the Internet. His main goal is to connect community of Croatian health schools, information about the work of our medical school, and mutual exchange of teaching content, communication (exchange of students, Net meetings and video conferencing) and promote the use of ICT in everyday educational process, through vocational courses, so through general education courses and extracurricular activities of students. Project "E-medica" was initiated in October 2005. In November, is accepted by all 26 headmasters at a meeting of the Association of Headmasters of Croatian Medical Schools. In June 2006. Project "E-medica" is accepted as a pilot project CARNet, which has received full technical support and assistance. CARNet addition, the development project supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the Administrative Department of Social Services Zadar County and Microsoft Croatia. Author and project manager is Edin Kadic, a professor mentor in Medical School Ante Kuzmanic Zadar, while the project holder is Davor Vidakovic, School headmaster, and Association of Headmasters of Croatian Medical Schools. Video conferencing are the main segment of "E-medica", and it is realized thought the professional lectures and transfers of practice in medical organizations.

Schools which are not properly equipped following video conferences over the streaming. The project and video conferences is based on the support of CARNet, which is realized through a pilot project CARNet. Thematic Conference taking place on a monthly and the lecturers are vocational school teachers and visiting medical experts, and by participation in international professional presentations (like MAGPI). Today we realize professional video conference from the General Hospital Zadar, like transfer operations. Until now we had two laparoscopy gynecological operations, and we plane in next two months arrangements to made direct eye surgery and heart surgery for all Croatian medical school, and several medical school and universities from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is this part of the project would like to convert into a separate project that would connect the world's Medical School via video conference. Through the project “Videoconferences in professional (medical) education” would be mutually exchanged lectures and transfer operations from the General Hospital Zadar.

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